About OCSA

Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) was launched in January 2010 to educate both women and men about this deadly disease, one which is the number one gynecologic cancer killer of women.

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OCSA, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded by Chicagoans Susan and Rick Roman and their friend, Vallie Szymanski, after Susan was diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer in August of 2009. Determined to beat the disease that claimed her beloved mother in 1976, she has passionately jumped into this noble cause. Many women, including Susan, are often diagnosed with ovarian cancer when it is already at an advanced stage. This can be attributed to a lack of early-detection technologies and a host of symptoms that can be mistaken for many other ailments and diseases. By learning more about the risk factors and maintaining regular consultations with doctors, women have their best chance of early detection.