Penn Vet Working Dog Center

OCSA’s Support of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center

OCSA is committed in its support of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center’s ovarian cancer detection program. With the expansion of the program from 3 to 4 dogs, OCSA is donating a $5,000 Veterinary Student Intern Scholarship to support the hire of a veterinary student intern at the Working Dog Center. Student interns are an essential part of the training team at the Center and benefit tremendously from the experience of working with both an elite group of highly driven dogs as well as a team of experts in canine medical detection. Their work supports both the research and teaching mission of the Center.

The scholarship is dedicated in memory of Katelyn Klepitsch, niece of OCSA board member Kurt Klepitsch, DVM. At the age of 20, Katelyn passed away from ovarian cancer in August of 2013. A very special young lady who enchanted everyone she met, her Uncle Kurt, father Karl and many members of the immediate family continue to support OCSA’s mission. Katelyn’s Grandmother Carolyn Klepitsch and Kurt’s Mother-In-Law Mae Novak volunteer at OCSA Dog Walks and Golf Outings. Their participation is very special for all of us. In addition, OCSA’s official headquarters now reside at Kurt’s Gateway Veterinary Clinic in St. Charles, IL.

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Introducing Merav, OCSA Intern at Penn Vet Working Dog Center

We are delighted to introduce Merav, the recipient of the OCSA Veterinary Student Internship in memory of Katelyn Kleptisch, niece of OCSA Board Member Kurt Klepitsch, DVM.

Merav is a first year veterinary student at the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated from Barnard College with a B.A. in Biology in 2015. She first became acquainted with the PennVet Working Dog Center while working on a research project for Dr. Alexandra Horowitz’s Dog Cognition Lab at Barnard that partnered with the Penn Vet WDC. The study focused on dog play in working dog puppies as a means of determining the puppies’ ultimate career paths (e.g. search and rescue, cancer detection, etc.).

Ever since that first exposure to the WDC, Merav has been fascinated by the ground-breaking research at the Penn Vet WDC and is honored to have the opportunity to work alongside the brilliant researchers, trainers and dogs that call the WDC home. She is especially excited to take part in ovarian cancer detection research.

The accuracy rate of the ovarian cancer sniffing dogs in the past 5 months has reached up to 99%. OCSA continues to raise money to fund OCSA’s Veterinary Student Intern Scholarship at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, where their work with amazing canines may lead to the development of a new diagnostic test for the disease. This scholarship is named in memory of Katelyn Klepitsch (shown above) who lost her fight with ovarian cancer.